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The Quality control:

The company gives great care to quality control subject. It also applies the International standard specification ISO 9001 in practical and creative way, and it make all necessary tests to control the quality in its developed and modern laboratories, some of these tests are:

First: the Sense tests: these are made to be sure that the specifications of the manufactured products are identical with the consumers tests and desires and to what is agreed on locally and worldwide concerning the shape, form, test, smell and color. These tests are made by a qualified committee of this purpose and has the sufficient knowledge with the sense special with each kind of cheese.

Second: the chemical tests: they are made on raw milk coming to the factory and on the final products (cheese) also. There some calculations of percentage are made for all of (moisture, salty, acidity and fat percentage) to be sure of that they are within the standard internationally agreed on.

Third: the bacterial tests: they are made to disclose the following bacteria:

- Koliform bacteria:
Liquid ambience are used like makonky or lacteous liquid and solid ambiance like V.R.B
- Bacteria E.Coli: this is done by:
The emphasis test for E. Coli (andoul test): that some bacteria can resolve the triptuphan amino acid and produce the compound Andou.
- Disclose about the diseased golden staphylococcus in food (staphelux eros)
- Disclose about Salmonella.
- the quality control laboratory is headed by one of the most important nutritious experts in Syria and the area. He got the Ph in nutritious sciences from the most famous colleges in France that are specialized in this field.

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